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Laboratory animal diets: not just food

CCP of Trophic Animal Feed High-tech Co.Ltd

Results derived from animal experimentation depend to a considerable degree on the health and welfare of the animal from which the results are obtained. This, in turn, reflects the quality of housing, care, and nutrition provided the animal. One of the most often neglected variables in experimental investigations using animals is the diet.

It has been known that diets can influence the response of an animal to the drug, chemical or other experimental factors under study, and can thus lead to a biased interpretation of experimental results. For examples,

Proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals cannot be frankly and even marginally deficient, and cannot be overloaded because they all have pharmacological or even toxic as well as physiological effects on a biological system.

Again, if a feed contains intentional or unintentional additives and other biologically active components from raw materials, their presence or variations in diets may significantly influence the performance of an experimental animal and their response to the experimental factors.

diet marker,  at competitive price, provides the standard diets with the best and stable quality, and the experimental model diets with deficiency or supplement or overload of one or more nutrients under precise controls, or with addition of extraneous materials according to customer's definition. Custom diets also are our specialty and we are always interested to hear you.

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