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Chemically defined diets

Chemically defined diets are characterized by the nitrogen source being provided by pure amino acids, carbohydrate from refined mono- or disaccharides, and fat from purified fatty acids or triglycerides. Minerals should be of reagent grade and vitamins should be of high purity. Thus, chemically defined diets provide a clean, consistent background for short- or long-term studies. Importantly, purified ingredient diets are modifiable in just about any way and thus allow researchers to explore their hypotheses without limitation. In the strictest sense of the terms, chemically defined diets and purified diets differ in the ingredients used, though chemically defined diets belong to purified diets.

In fact, to date, the chemically defined diet, in the strict sense, is not used into animal feeding for any research purpose because of its extremely expensive. But, approaching this term, the diet with some nutrients variation, such as single or two more amino acid deficiency, changed ratio between amino acids, or between amino acid and other nutrients, must be manufactured by the pure amino acids rather than any protein resources.

WE provide the experimental or model diets as the chemically defined diet,list below. In the listed, the word "deficient" means low even free, depending on the demand for your research. The word "supplement" or "overload" can be performed according your research. Generally, a control diet should be accompanied as control feeding, which is a standarch diets.

Amino acid variation
(deficiency, or supplement or overload)
Diet forms
arginine deficient diet pellet, powder or liquid
aspartic acid deficient diet as above
cystine deficient diet as above
glutamic acid deficient diet as above
glycine deficient diet as above
histidine deficient diet as above
isoleucine deficient diet as above
leucine deficient diet as above
lysine deficient diet as above
methionine deficient diet as above
phenylalanine deficient diet as above
proline deficient diet as above
serine deficient diet as above
threonine deficient diet as above
tryptophan deficient diet as above
tyrosine deficient diet as above
valine deficient diet as above
taurine deficient diet as above
two or more amino acid deficient diet, such as:
MCD diet:methionine- and cystine deficient diet, Sulfur amino acids deficient diet as above
phenylalanine- and tyrosine deficient diet as above
amino acid and other nutrient deficient diet,such as:
MCD diet: methionine- and choline deficient diet as above