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Trophic Animal Feed High-tech Co.China

Company profile

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Trophic Animal Feed High-tech Co. Ltd was found in Jan 1, 2008, in China. The company has a core team of scientists and experts from a variety of fields, including biology, animal nutrition, human nutrition, and laboratory animal science, whose members have been working for formula design and development, assay and evaluation of finished diets, and customer consultant services. The other team in the company is a group of diet processing technologist, whose members have been working for techniques and quality controls during diet processing from evaluation of raw materials to proper pelleting.

This team has successfully developed several novel techniques, such as the pelleting techniques at a lower temperature and with the precise pelleting for the precise size and most consistently pellets, which are most important not only for quality controls of products, but also for special experimental diets with customer’s formula definition or with addition of specific drugs or chemicals under test into diets when our customer requests.

tablelet diets

Undoubtedly, the company can produce any and every custom diet with formula presently or previously available from any research papers or documents or customer's innovation. To standard diets, the choice of manufacturing standards depends on customer’s request, including the application of the American standards, such as the Nutrient Requirements of Laboratory Animals distributed by National Research Council, the Purified Diets for Laboratory Rodents distributed by the American Institute of Nutrition (AIN), or the NIH standards distributed by the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the other standards distributed by any other countries or organizations.

The company also can provide any types of diets dependent on customer's request, including cereal based diets, semi-purified or purified diets, and chemically defined diets, with the physical forms of diets including pellets (regular pellet or tablet) and powder, or with any hardness of pellets for special research.

Totally, Trophic Animal Feed High-tech Co. Ltd provides diets of laboratory animals with the best and stable quality at competitive price. That is, Trophic Animal Feed High-tech Co. Ltd is an extension of your laboratory: help you do research easier, more precise, and more reliable.