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Rat and mouse

Diets for Rats or Mice

I. Standard diets for rats or mice

Diet types Diet physical form Diet Standard Description
Cereal-base diet Powder, pellet NIH, USA NIH standard diets for rat and mouse include:
NIH-07 standard diets
NIH-31 with18% protein (autoclavable)
NIH-36 with 9% fat (autoclavable)
NIH-40 with high-fat 10% fat(irradiated
NIH-41 with 18% protein and 5% fat (irradiated).
Regular products in our compary: NIH-07 and NIH-41.
Special products on request: NIH-31, NIH-36, and NIH40.
Cereal-base diet Powder, pellet NTP2000, USA Special products on request.
The NTP-2000 diet was compared with the NIH-07 diet, but can markedly improve the health and increase survival of the rats used in chronic studies, particularly in toxicity and carcinogenicity.
Purified diet Powder, pellet, liquid AIN76,AIN93, NRC, USA AIN76 (now called AIN 76A) is earlier diet standard for rodents and has been proven to be a defective stanard because it could lead to concealed bleeding or other pathological changes during a long-term feeding. AIN93 is a standard currently used for rodents, including AIN-93M for rat/mouse (maintenance) and AIN-93G for rat/Mouse (breeding). Current version of NRC standard for rat and mouse is NRC95. AIN93 can be compared with the NRC95 by modification, called modified AIN93. The diets with any one in three standards above are regularly provided in our company.
Chemically defined diet Powder, pellet, liquid AIN93 or NRC, USA Regular products in our company. Chemically defined diets are characterized by the nitrogen source being provided by pure amino acids, carbohydrate from refined mono- or disaccharides, and fat from purified fatty acids or triglycerides. Minerals is of reagent grade and vitamins is of high purity.

II. Experimental diets for rats or mice

Please click here "List of Experimental Model Diets" for the experimental diets.